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Timothy Fink   Graphic Design Professional

My Mission is to provide you unbeatable and profitable Graphic Design.

Whatever your needs are, I am determined to be your most valuable go-to person for the solution that works best for you, delivering you profitable and salable results.

Professional Profile:

  • Many years of Graphic Design and Production Art experience
  • Eight years work in Advertising and Marketing Agencies
  • Fourteen years in college instruction and peer mentoring


  • Creativity - overcome creative barriers and propel projects profitably
  • Solidity - all files built the right way; print and view as expected
  • Accuracy - all elements placed perfectly; typos eradicated
  • Speed - familiar with all graphics processes, I don’t slow down
  • Problem-solving - I dig and find solutions in minimal time


I fixed a printing template issue that had plagued my employer for months, within the first two days on the job. This involved a lot of measuring and evaluating how the press flipped over the stock in relation to the printing plate, and other related issues. I transferred this information to the sizing of the template elements. This also allowed me to further streamline new jobs which now could be based off the new template specs.

I retained the money from a client that otherwise would have gone out to some other company for work on a deadline-sensitive project. I got the OK to get a faster computer system, and spent a whole weekend and extra hours to get that job done. This was a major project using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, resulting in a large file, but designed and produced in-house.

I faithfully and consistently designed and produced email communication pieces, small web sites and site updates throughout my tenure at one company, using Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS, along with all the other usual suspect applications needed for great graphics results. Many of my peers were unaware how well-prepared these pieces were for the IT team to do miminal work in making them ready to send.


  • Design
  • Production Art - anything and everything
  • XHTML and CSS, able to construct JavaScript as needed
  • Flash Animation
  • Photo Retouching and Compositing
  • Color Management
  • Color Correction
  • Typography
  • PDF Workflow
  • The Usual Suspect Graphic Applications

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